YouTube, Digital Work, and the Future of Art

Media giants are utilising trackers, targeted advertising and personal information in combination with sophisticated algorithms for the purposes of generating more user-friendly content. But this severing of the link between human input and cultural output could have a profound impacta on societal values.

Uprooting the Genesis of Racism

For the last 600 years, prejudices and biases based on people's racialisation have plagued Europe and the rest of the world. Far from being an inevitable phenomenon, racism emerged and spread from intentional political practices rooted in an imperialist logic of domination.

iColonialism: Travel Blogging and Cultural Wallpaper

Adventure-style travel blogging tourism has innovated new ways to objectify and commodify populations from developing countries. This is a new, more aesthetic kind of colonialism, which retains the same power dynamic that earlier colonisers established.

How Reality Television Crushed Labour

Reality television has exploded over the past two decades. Since the 1990s, these shows have grown in popularity both for audiences and for television networks. But the story of reality television's inception, as well as representations within the genre, is one of the weakening of labour and the increasingly exploitative employment.

The Asymmetric Battle of the Left

Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders were destined for similar fates, an ideological push from liberals and centrists pushing the 'radical' politics away from power. But why is it that left-wing politics seems to have more infighting than the broad coalition of the right? At the core of this observation is the nature of power, who has it in capitalist society and how the status quo is maintained for those benefiting.

The Walls Are Closing In

At the root of inequality and vulnerability in the UK is property ownership. Distribution of land and housing is a long entrenched class divide. Further restrictions to private property proposed by the government will only intensify this divide and so must be central to any effort seeking to reduce inequality.

Arendt & Marx on Revolution

History is often taught as a series of revolutions which defined political institutions, areas and global events. But do revolutions arise from the people, or from political power struggles? Comparing case studies and different approaches can provide some answers to these questions.

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