About us

Societide is an online magazine founded in 2021 to address social issues. We use theoretically grounded literature from diverse knowledge backgrounds to identify societal processes affecting us all. Using tools drawn from academic literature, we tell stories too often ignored by traditional media platforms.

We hope to empower our readers to recognise social patterns and connect the dots of multifaceted, long-lasting processes like colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy and neoliberalism.

Our mission is to share knowledge and perspectives in an accessible way. Just like land, what constitutes legitimate knowledge has been dispossessed and guarded behind expensive paywalls.

Commercial media have appointed selected experts who reproduce perspectives which protect the status quo. In the process, insights gained from the work of academics on structural issues such as capitalist development, imperialism, white supremacy and patriarchy are becoming increasingly limited to those with the luxury of time and money.

Traditional knowledge remains systematically silenced. This space welcomes voices from variegated backgrounds and traditions, coming together to pass on empowering tools to face structural oppression; and to reignite our imagination.

Ideas and words empower us to understand what we experience, to see our environment clearly and to identify the injustices that we face. They construct our reality and enable us to understand and articulate our experiences. Ideas and words make us stand and hold our ground.

With the collaboration of dedicated independent researchers, activists and artists, critical insights to contemporary issues will be offered and the core concepts at the heart of these will be untangled step by step.

Societide will also serve as a platform for writers and theorists to publish their work. There are no prerequisites or credentials for being published. We accept a range of perspectives from all different backgrounds, just send your articles to contact@societide.com.

Through this integrated model, we aim to bring together critical thinkers from different parts of the world, to share insights on a range of topical issues and build bridges and solidarity for an international movement.

Thank you for your support!

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